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NEU Journal of Social Sciences started its publication life on April 2008. NEU Journal of Social Sciences is a refereed journal which is published twice a year, April and October, by the Near East University. The Journal aims to promote dissemination of high quality academic publication in the field of social sciences, motivate researches and surveys related to universal issues, and present the problems and solutions to the academic world and wider public opinion within an objective perspective.

The pages of the Journal is open to original works (theoretical analysises, field studies, case studies) in different field of interests (history, political science, public administration, international relations, economy, business administration, law, sociology, communication, anthropology, psychology etc.) placed under the umbrella of social sciences, and naturally the studies undertaken with an interdisciplinary approach, and the studies exploring the relationship between theory end its philosophical foundations.

Prof. Dr. Mustafa SAĞSAN
Journal of Social Sciences – Editor

NEU Journal of Social Sciences is covered by ULAKBİM, EBSCOhost; Econ Lit; Sociological Abstracts and Worldwide Political Science Abstracts.

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