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Born and raised in Nicosia in 1978, Zehra Azizbeyli completed her undergraduate studies in the International Relations department of Bilkent University and her master’s degree on Global Security at Keele University. She completed her doctorate in Keele University in 2014, her doctoral thesis was on the memory culture and commemoration policies in Cyprus. Her academic interest lies in national history, oral history, memory politics and social memory of societies. She is also interested in Peace Studies and Peace Education. She has worked as a lecturer at Eastern Mediterranean University, Lefke University and Cyprus International University in Cyprus. She has also lectured at Keele University in England. She has been involved in a number of bi-communal projects in Cyprus. She has been interested in projects concerning Peace Education and was involved in the Education for a Culture of Peace project, which was conducted by the POST Research Institute (POST RI) in cooperation with the Historical Dialogue and Research Association (AHDR) between 2014 and 2017. She is currently working as a full-time lecturer in the department of International Relations of Near East University, teaching the courses of Introduction to International Relations 1 and 2, Diplomatic History, and the Cyprus Issue.



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